DIGinLaw Final Academic Conference

The international scientific conference “Law in the Age of Modern Technologies” was held on 10 February 2023 at the University of Milan, Italy, within the framework of the “Time to Become Digital in Law” (DIGinLaw) project. The co-organizers of the Conference were the project partners involved in the DIGinLaw project, the University of Aberdeen, the University of Milan and the University of Zagreb – SRCE, under the leadership of the University of Osijek – Faculty of Law Osijek as the coordinator of the DIGinLaw project.

The main topic of the conference was the digitalization of law and legal education.

The keynote speech of the Conference was delivered by the leading expert in the field of FinTech, Prof. Matthias Lehmann (University of Vienna), on “Private International Law and the Blockchain: In Search for the Law Applicable to Crypto-Assets”.

Within the framework of the plenary session, which was thematically dedicated to the impact of digitalization on legal education, eminent scientists shared their knowledge and reflections on the future development of legal education in a digitalized world.

The core of the Conference consisted of parallel sessions in which over 50 scientists presented their research on digitalization in the context of private international law, public international law, European public law, and constitutional law and human rights protection. We especially highlight the scientific contribution of the members of the DIGinLaw team who presented their research and moderated the sessions.

The thematic attractiveness of the Conference was confirmed by the presence of over 250 interested participants, along with the presence of a significant number of legal practitioners.

Finally, we sincerely thank the DIGinLaw project partners for the successful organization of the Conference, with special thanks to the University of Milan for their hospitality.

Programme of the Final Academic Conference